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Points of Contact
· CoP sponsor: Prasad Kadambi,
· CoP coordinator: Kent Welter,
· CoP ANS support: Pat Schroeder,

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What is a Community of Practice?

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are group of professionals who share knowledge around a specific topic, craft, or profession. They can form organically or be directed. They can be physical, virtual, or combinations thereof.

Why are CoPs important?
CoPs are well established ways to support knowledge management and transfer. They are used frequently by organizations to help breakdown organizational barriers where information typically flows up and then down and across an organization. CoPs provide like-minded professionals an opportunity to share knowledge outside of the normal management and project process. CoPs enrich a professional's development and strengthen an organization's ability to management knowledge effectively.

What is the purpose and scope of this CoP?
The purpose of this CoP is to support knowledge sharing of the development and application of risk-informed, performance-based (RIPB) principles and practices within the nuclear industry. This can include, but is not limited to, nuclear power reactors, research reactors, fuel cycle, and decommissioning. It can include U.S. domestic and international activities as well. The American Nuclear Society (ANS) supports this CoP by providing a virtual space and resources for collaboration. This CoP is formally sponsored and led by the ANS Risk-informed, Performance-based Principles and Policy Committee (RP3C).

Who can join this CoP?
Membership to this CoP is open to all professionals interested in RIPB principles and practices. The virtual site called RIPB Community of Practice is accessible to all. ANS Standards Committee members and ANS members simply access the site and choose to join the group to be included in discussions. Those new to ANS activities will be prompted to provide basic contact information for full access to the RIPB Community of Practice site. There is no fee to join.

Is this a physical or virtual CoP?
This CoP is virtual with monthly collaboration meetings held on the last Friday of every month for about a half hour at 12 p.m. PST/3 p.m. ET. A call-in number will be sent out a week prior to the meeting with instructions on how to join. We will use the Zoom collaboration system for presenting slides and text Q&A.

Additional Resources
· Building Communities of Practice that work: a case study based research Mariano Corsoa , Andrea Giacobbea, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering Polytechnic of Milan

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