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 7 Types of Animals that Make Great ESAs - 2021 Guide

Emotional support animals are different and the owner does not have to pay any pet or additional fee to live with them. These animals also need a valid ESA letter because, without it, they are not more than pets and will not have any rights.

Emotional support animals are a special kind of animals that provide mental and emotional support and comfort to their owners. Many people wrongly consider them pets and do not know that emotional support animals are different from them.

Pets do not need any formal documentation to live with you and in many residential facilities, pets are either not allowed or the owners have to pay a fee to keep them.

When it comes to choosing an emotional support animal, most people go for dogs but this is not the case. Besides dogs, there are a number of other animals that could make great emotional support animals and all you need is a valid ESA letter for housing to keep them.

Below, we have mentioned 7 of such animals that make great emotional support animals.


The list would be incomplete without the mentioning of our beloved canines. Dogs are known for being extremely loyal and friendly and this is why they top the list of pets and emotional support animals. They are friendly, love to be around people, and are more likely to give you a warm hug whenever needed.


Cats may not be as warm and cuddly as dogs, since they are somewhat standoffish kinds of animals. However, this does not mean that cats are less loving and kind than dogs; it is just that they have a different way of loving and caring.

Felines love to have their precious ‘me-time’, which means that they make perfect house animals for people who do not want an animal that is nosy and want to be around you all the time. But you will need an emotional support letter to live with your cat for free.


Rabbits make ideal pets and emotional support animals for everyone who is looking for an animal that is easy to house and does not require lots of exercise and other essentials. Rabbits come in lots of breeds and you can choose the one that matches your bill perfectly. All you will need is a good-sized cage, fresh hay and veggies, and some playtime each day.


Fishes make a great addition to any household. And the best thing about them is that you do not have to make any big arrangements to maintain them. Just get a good-sized aquarium, clean water, and high-quality fish food. However, make sure that you clean the aquarium and change the water every few weeks to keep your fishes healthy.


Looking for a chirpy house pet or ESA? Nothing works better than birds. Having birds as emotional support animals or pets comes with a number of benefits. You will need minimal supplies to maintain birds and unlike cats and dogs, you will not have to take them out for walks.

Usually, you will not have to get any formal letter for them but in the case of an exotic fish type, you may need an emotional support animal letter to bring it home.


Chicken makes great pets and emotional support animals and they are excellent if you want an animal that offers some benefits also. Besides being a colorful member of the family, you can also enjoy a fresh supply of eggs every day. They are also easy to manage and you will need a clean hedge to keep them.

Miniature Horses

Love horses but cannot afford to bring a standard sized horse? Get a miniature horse instead. Miniature horses are small in size but have the same royale kind of personality that their standard counterparts have.

But just like an emotional support dog certification,you will have to get a genuine emotional support animal letter to get and live with your horse.