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Dos and don’ts in choosing a mop for Vinyl plank floor

Choosing a  Vinyl floor mop may seem easy since this material is resilient and easy to maintain. But the truth is you must know some essential aspects to be able to pick the most suitable mop for your Vinyl plank floor. So I’m going to give out some pointers for you to follow when buying this product.

  • Shape and size

Do: look for a mop that has a mop head that fits your cleaning space. For example, if your room is spacious you should choose one with a wide mop head so you can clean faster. You should also look for those mops that have a special design to get into tight spaces and go under furniture.

Don’t: choose a mop head that is too small, hoping it helps you get to hard-to-reach areas but will take you a lot of time to finish a cleaning session. Don’t choose a mop that is too bulky if you don’t have a lot of storage space.

  • Weight and material

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Do: choose a mop that is made from good material that is steady and lightweight. Mops like that are durable and stand damage better. You should feel comfortable moving the mop around the house and don’t feel sore after a cleaning session.

Don’t: get a mop that is too lightweight because it wouldn’t be made of quality materials. That would result in breaking and damage after a short while. You also have to use more force with a too lightweight mop and it will make you feel more tired after cleaning.

  • Warranty time

Do: look for a mop that has a long warranty time. If there are several models in the same price range, choose the one with the longest warranty time. It would be the best mop for Vinyl floors  out of all the options.

Don’t: choose a mop that has a short warranty time no matter how cheap the mop is. Warranty time shows you the standard time you can use a product before troubles appear. You wouldn’t want to buy a mop at a cheap price but then have to spend so much money repairing it later, would you? Save your money for the right cause.

  • Flexibility

Do: choose a mop that can twist and turn effortlessly around furniture. It should have a certain level of steadiness so you can control it as you want to. The handle height should be adjustable so that everyone in the family feels comfortable using the same mop and it can help you reach certain areas in the house.

Don’t: pick a mop that is too flexible that you can’t make it stay still and guide it where you want it to be. A mop like that is also not appropriate for the elderly since they can’t react quickly when it moves so unpredictably. A handle that can’t change its length would make you feel frustrated because it would offer no help in various situations.

I hope knowing these guides will help you choose the best mop for Vinyl plank floors  easier from now. Don’t forget to share this useful information with others if you know they are also having trouble finding a good mop to take care of their vinyl plank floors.