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Smart Tips to Avoid Sentence Fragmentation in Your Essays

Sentence fragments are a common error in student writing. It is indeed fundamental to every formal writing so it is important to completely avoid any sentence fragmentation. Else it only contributes to the reader’s confusion and Essay Writing Service

However, you can ignore a few sentence fragmentation rules when it comes to creative writing. There are a variety of circumstances in creative writing where you may even choose to include a sentence fragment purposefully. 

Basic concept

Fragments of sentences refer to a phrase or cluster of words that sound like sentences but are basically not complete sentences. Groups of phrases should really have at least one independent clause to constitute a complete sentence. An independent clause is any set of words including both a topic and a verb and must be shown on its own. For instance, 'I want hamburgers’' for example is an independent clause.

Fragments in sentences usually never have independent clauses. However, fragments constitute dependent clauses and phrases respectively. Fragments often occur in real sentences as they start with a capital letter and abruptly end with a break. 

Here are some highlights for you to avoid your sentence fragmentation;

  1. You can’t start your sentence with ‘Essay Writer’. Start every sentence with a place, person, or thing. Try to avoid any incomplete sentences. Once written, go through the sentence so that there couldn’t be any irregular flow. 
  1. If you want to start your sentence with ‘like’, ‘such as’, or ‘who’. 

For example; 

  • Like my brother who works in the aviation department. (FRAGMENT)
  • Like my brother, he loves to play with toy airplanes. (CORRECT)
  1. You must avoid starting a sentence using ‘ing’ words. However, you have to be very careful if you are using such words that end with ‘ing’.

For example;

  • Rolling down and laughing with excitement turned into amusement. (FRAGMENT)
  • Sarah rolled down and laughed with amusement. (CORRECT)

Now you might be thinking about a correct sentence that is starting from an ‘ing’ word. Exceptions are there, such as:

  • Praying always brings relief to the body and soul. (CORRECT)

How can you avoid sentence fragments?

  1. They usually appear before and after the independent Write my essay to which they belong to. For instance;

‘When we get to the market. We buy many vegetables.’

Here ‘when we got to the market’ falls under the category of sentence fragmentation. It is a dependent clause. It must be written this way;

When we reached the market, we bought many vegetables.’ or ‘we bought many vegetables when we reached the market.’

  1. Finally, read out loud all the sentences so that the errors could be eliminated. Identify sentence fragments that are missing any verb, subject, or an incomplete thought. Rewrite those sentences that are complete in their nature and understandable by the reader. 

Final thought

There are times when you are unable to remove sentence fragments on your own and also you don’t have any clear idea about how to avoid fragments. That moment you can reach out to college essay writing service. There you will be provided with a clear understanding of how to eliminate sentence fragments or you can hire a professional who can do that task for you. 

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