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Over forty years of nuclear experience diagnosing day-to-day operations resolving problems using plant license basis, analyzing equipment for root causes of failures, initiating and developing engineering tools that address long-term problems, including design changes and failure-based maintenance programs that address degradation as PM[1] before the equipment fails. I have extensive experience developing “green field” planned maintenance programs for new plants based upon codes, vendor literature and standards.  I have converted my learning and skills into consensus standards for others as a professional societies’ member. My software skills include Maximo™ (v6), eSOMS™ (tagout), PDMS™, D2™, and MS Office™ Pro including Access, Visio, Publisher, and Project. I’ve led design, development and maintenance groups through major plant projects, applying human factors.  I’ve helped plants operate safer, more effectively and reliably while lowering costs through experience identifying better equipment, maintenance and design.  I developed first-use procedures to perform one-of-a-kind tasks in Refueling Machine software/hardware interface redesign and rebuild, CRDM[2] overhauls and selected equipment modification.  I’ve also developed new nuclear plant design guidelines based upon modern licensing methods. These include ANS 53.1, Safety Design of MHRs.

Applicable Codes and Standards include US NRC Part 50 Commercial Reactors, Part 52 Combined Licenses, especially 50.34 Preliminary Design, 50.49 Environmental Qualification, 50.69 SSC Classification, and Part 54, License Extension.  Further, DOE ANS 53.1, Safety Design of Modular Helium Reactors (chair), ASME-RAM-1 & RAM-2, RAM[3] Process and RAM for Operating Plant (chair and co-chair) (RAM) Process.  Colorado PE 26700, 1992-present


  • BA Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1975
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder (UCB), Boulder CO, August 1981
  • ME Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, Boulder CO, December 1992
  • Randallstown High School, Randallstown, MD- June 2, 1971
  • Post ME courses, U of C Boulder Colorado 1994

[1] Scheduled Maintenance more appropriately describes these tasks

[2] Control Rod Drive Mechanism

[3] Reliability Availability Maintainability